Lower Back Pain

Because humans defy gravity by standing upright, or sitting at desks for prolonged periods the spine is often under stress. This frequently results in back pain; the most common ailment affecting Americans today. The secret to relief is to maintain good alignment of the spinal vertebrae, strengthen the core, and maintain good ranges of motion through a proper stretching routine. Supplements can help with inflammation and tissue regeneration.

What it is

Uncomfortable, and inconvenient to say the least. Typically, the lower back, which supports almost all of the body’s weight, is the area most affected. But inflammation of tissues, misalignment of the bones in the spine (vertebrae), or hips (sacroiliac joints). Perhaps an injury to muscles, cartilage (discs), nerves, or ligaments (the tissue that holds joints in good proximity and alignment) connected to the spine can bring on pain; sometimes numbness and or weakness!

What causes it?

Most back pain is the results of muscle strain or misaligned vertebrae. Poor posture or improper lifting can result in irritated or torn tissue, misaligned vertebrae, disc bulge(s), and a pinched or irritated nerve(s).

Stress and or emotional upset can also cause discomfort. Stress is a known inflammatory agent. This inflammatory agent can further irritate already weakened tissues.

Do I have Arthritis / how do I reduce my chances of becoming Arthritic?

The only way to diagnosis arthritis is through diagnostic imaging like X-Ray, MRI, or CT. Dr Staub can shoot and read X-rays in house. The first step toward a good treatment regime is a good diagnosis. That starts with a set of x-rays.

Degenerative conditions such as arthritis or degenerative joint disease, result from leaving misalignments unchecked over time. The bodies healing abilities look at these misalignments as unstable joints (any joint including spinal vertebral joints of the neck, mid back or low back). The body treats these unstable joints (misalignments) as broken; healing these instabilities much like it would heal a broken bone, the body lays down bone in the unstable joint in an effort to try to fuse it together. Creating narrowing where nerves exist (stenosis), diminished motion and chronic back pain. This degeneration known as arthritis can be hereditary, but there are things you can do to retard or even halt this process. Stability of the spine is the key. The body will only lay down bone where it perceives the need (instability). Stability is created through better alignment, balanced strength, and better ranges of motion. Joints only get feed when they move properly. When a joint moves fully through it’s range of motion; it pumps out waste products, and pumps in nutrients through synovial fluid, in a process we call fluid imbibition. This pumping of synovial fluid created through non impact motion lubricates and feeds the joints.

The hitch, is that misaligned joints don’t move properly, easily or fully. Thereby decreasing their ability to move that lubricating fluid (synovial fluid) in and out of the joint. Proper spinal alignment is the first part of the process of healing.

Chiropractors help to create better stability of the spine, by gently moving vertebrae back into their normal plane of motion and alignment. Dr. Staub believes that this doesn’t have to hurt to be effective.

Also see you new Spinal Decompression Therapy that can be very effective in treating many causes of back pain.

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What can I do at home?

Stretches for better motion

Stretches help to regain or maintain good balance of the spine and full ranges of motion. Dr. Staub seeks to help you create better ranges of motion through more limber muscles and tendons. These stretches should be done before attempting a strengthening protocol. These stretches are a necessary part of your home regime of spinal care. Here is a video of the stretches that Dr. Staub recommends.

Exercises for strength and stability

These exercises can create good strength and stability when your body is ready. Do not attempt these exercises until you have been cleared to do them by your doctor or Dr. Staub.

Supplements can help

Before beginning a therapeutic supplement program, check with your doctor or Dr Staub to determine if these are right for you. If your on medications check for interactions with your pharmacist before taking any of these supplements. These supplements are aimed at building stronger bones and muscles, reducing inflammation, and treating pain. Effects may be felt with in a week.
People prone to back problems should start with vitamins and minerals that strengthen bone and cartilage, such as calcium, magnesium, vitamins C, and D, and manganese.

All of out supplements meet or exceed GMP (good manufacturing processes / standardization)

Here are the supplements with which we have seen the best results:

Nature’s Joint Relief by Divine Nature contains:
Zinc (as chelated zinc amino acid) 30mcg
Copper (as chelated copper amino acid) 75mcg
Manganese (as chelated manganese amino acid) 6mcg
Proprietary blend 2100mg
Glucosamine Sulfate 2KCl, Chondroitin Sulfate Sodium, Glucosamine HCL, MSM (methylsulfatemethane), Cayenne (frui)t, Yucca (root), Boswellia Serrata (gum) extract, Molasses
Divine Nature Enzyme Blend 7350mg
Protease I, Amylase, Protease II, Hemicellulase, Lactase, Peptidase, Cellulase, Maltase, Invertase, Lipase
Boron (as chelated boron amino acid complex) 30mcg
Other ingredients: cellulose, beet fiber, silica, magnesium stearate
Contains shellfish (crab, shrimp,and crayfish) ingredients.

Nature’s Inflammation Response by Divine Nature contains:
Vit C (from acerola cherry extract) 10mg
Zinc (as chelated zinc amino acid) 11mg
Copper (as chelated copper amino acid) 1mg
Manganese (as chelated manganese amino acid) 400mcg
Proprietary Blend 720mg
Bromelain, Boswellia Ext, Licorice (root), Tumeric (root), Cayenne Fruit, Valerian (root), Cat’s Claw (bark) Ext, Molasses.
Divine Nature Enzyme Blend 4900 units
Protease I 500,000 HUT/g, Protease II 5,000 HUT/g, Amylase, Lactase, Peptidase, Cellulase, Maltase, Invertase, Lipase, Serratiopeptidase
Other ingredients: cellulose, beet fiber, silica, magnesium stearate

Myocalm by Metagenics (natural muscle relaxation formula) contains:
Calcium (as calcium lactate) 50mg
Magnesium (as magnesium citrate) 100mg
Passionflower (Passiflora incarnate) 40mg
Flower 5.5:1 Extract,
Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) 20mg
Root Extract