Many think the only reason to visit a doctor of chiropractic is for back pain. However, millions of parents know, chiropractic care has great benefits for children for many ailments other than back pain. More well informed parents are bringing their children to chiropractors for a myriad of reasons, including help with common ailments such as ear infections, colic, colds, fevers, sore throats, bed-wetting, asthma or allergies, scoliosis, and general wellness / prevention.

So what is chiropractic all about?

Chiropractors identify and eliminate misaligned vertebrae, that create spinal nerve disfunction, these are referred to as “subluxations”. Subluxations are sometimes painless and potentially serious conditions that most children (and adults) have in their bodies due to physical, emotional and or toxic stresses.

Physical stress result from many different traumas; one example may start from a hard delivery or a breach. This can create trauma to the infants head and or neck, this can lead to Blocked Atlantal Nerve Syndrome, a primary cause of upper respiratory infections including ear infections and chronic tonsillitis.2

The countless tumbles children incur, while learning to walk, riding a bike or participating in sports, are also know to contribute to these nerve disrupting spinal misalignments called subluxations.

Many times the pain from the initial injury goes away, but the subluxation is a lot like the beginning of tooth decay or plaque … easy to fix in the beginning but progressively more degenerative if left uncorrected. The damage incurred continues to affect the future function of the involved nerve and tissues, causing problems as the child grows into adulthood.1

Emotional and toxic stresses are indirect causes of subluxations. There is little doubt, that positive emotional experiences, good sleeping habits and balance in daily activities, leaves positive imprints on the neurological clay we call the brain and nervous system. As with the opposite, negative emotional stress, such as anxiety, frustration and poor self-esteem, adds up and leaves negative imprints on the nervous system, weakening the body’s ability to heal and stay healthy. Just like emotional stress can affect blood pressure in adults it also has detrimental effects on the nerves, nervous systems and spines of our children. How many times have you looked at a child and could see poor self esteem in their posture? Your child’s nervous system is a neurological recording of all their life’s encounters … including chemical. Subluxations also are caused by toxic stressors, such as processed baby food, cleaning supplies, preservatives pesticides, and herbicides (known neurotoxins / nerve poisons) sprayed on our foods that make the cells, that create the nerves, and nervous systems of our infants and children. We are what we eat and come in contact with.

Is chiropractic safe?

Last year, there were an estimated 68 million pediatric visits.3 While the numbers are increasing, most parents I know are more concerned with safety than numbers. Two recent studies from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association set out to study potential side effects and health improvements in children who received chiropractic adjustments. The results of the doctors’ surveys were: “Of the 812 clinical cases, 717 indicated experiencing an improvement with their presenting symptoms, while 9 patients reported treatment-related aggravations. These were described as ‘soreness’ or ‘fussy.’ No treatment- related complications were reported. Seventy-four cases had reported improvements unrelated to their presenting complaints and described as increased range of motion, improved sleep, improved immune function and improved patient mood.”4 Chiropractic is not only one of the safest and most effective forms of health care, it’s also extremely gentle.

Dr Staub will not adjust a baby or a child the same way he adjusts an adult. A newborn’s spine is very supple, so only the lightest pressure is applied to make a proper adjustment. Dr. Staub has adjusted countless children (including his own) throughout the 19 years he has been practicing.

Chiropractic care sounds like a natural, but will it work for my child?

It’s important to understand that chiropractors do not treat sickness or disease; they identify and remove subluxations, which interfere with the body’s natural ability to heal itself. When chiropractors free the nervous system from subluxations and spinal disfunction, the healing power of the body are unleashed. The immune system functions more efficiently (because the nervous system controls the immune system). The body has increased resistance to disease, and your child’s body functions better overall.1 The body can respond more efficiently to external and internal stresses such as physical stress, environmental toxins, negative emotions and all the other stresses that children come in contact with on a regular basis when they are subluxation free.

Dr. Staub does more than reactionary care, he thinks proactively (a lot like your dentist) heading off little problems before they become big permanent ones, thereby helping your child’s body function at its optimum level naturally without drugs.

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